A snapshot of the Prizewinners' Dinner


The evening of Tuesday 10th November saw over 140 Prizewinners, Members and guests gather for the annual awards ceremony, where a record number of 43 trophies were handed out. RCS Richard Hill presided, with Robin Aisher OBE and Jack Edwards- Keeper of the Trophies- presenting the cups.

A lively champagne reception was followed by a stunning three course meal, with trophies being presented in between each course. See below for a list of all of the 2015 PrizeWinners. The winners of the final four trophies were kept secret until being presented at the very end of the evening, as these are particularly special awards.

An excerpt from RCS Richard Hill’s final speech
Docker Cup
The Docker Cup dates from 1846, it is awarded for outstanding services to sailing by any individual, not necessarily a member of the Royal Thames. This person has sailed in nearly every Fastnet starting with the infamous 1979 one, four Admiral's Cup series and has acted as the British team manager.
He was chief instructor at the National Sailing Centre in Cowes and has been Director of Cowes Week, the largest regatta for sailing yachts in the world, for the last 17 years. He is also the Author of a number of books on sailing. As a member of the Royal Thames he sits on the committee that decides on what Models should adorn our famous model room.
Stuart Quarrie - winner of the Docker Cup.
Neil Junior Challenge Cup
This cup is awarded to an RTYC sailor for outstanding performance in the year. 
This sailor was in the winning team that won the Wilson Trophy, the UK’s premier team racing event, he was also part of the winning boat at the J/70 nationals and he was tactician on Yes!
Ben Field - winner of the Neil Junior Challenge Cup

Yacht of the Year
RTYC can award each year a fine trophy, dating from 1860, for the RTYC member whose yacht has performed outstandingly during the year.
Over the past 25 years Adam Gosling has competed at every Cowes Week and won his class on 12 occasions, three times winning Black Group overall racing his 12th Yes!
This year his Cowes Week achievement was even more impressive because he achieved 5 bullets having discarded a 2nd place.
Adam Gosling - winner of the Yacht of the Year with Corby 36 Yes!

NYYC Invitational Cup

The NYYC Invitational Cup is a regatta for invited teams representing yacht clubs from around the world. The racing is in Swan 42s and is held in Newport, Rhode Island. This biennial event that is regarded as the peak of the one design fleet racing competitions being completely Corinthian and the crew have to be bona fide members of their yacht club.
In the inaugural NYYC Invitational Cup in 2009, 19 yacht club teams from 14 countries, from four continents competed and the host team New York won it
In 2011 and 2013 it was the Royal Canadian Yacht Club that won the event led by Olympic silver medallist Terry McLaughlin. 
Also in 2013 our team finishing third overall earned them the Resolute Trophy as the top non-North American finisher.
In 2015 there were Seventeen teams from 11 countries and five continents competed in the event
With tight racing over 4 days and no discards permitted, the emphasis had to be on consistent performance. The Royal Thames Yacht Club sailed a conservative set of races in that they were one of the few teams not to win a race but they nailed it, winning the Invitational Cup and the Resolute Trophy.
The British American Cup
In recognition of this feat the Royal Thames have decided to award a new trophy:
This fabulous cup has, for the first time, been assigned by the Club to be awarded, only when the occasion merits it, to the members of an RTYC team who have achieved outstanding race results overseas.  It is called the British American Cup and it dates from 1914
Winners of the British American Cup:
Team manager William Edwards
Helmsman John Greenland
Tactician Ian Dobson
Katie Greenland
Sammie Evans
Matt Curthoys
Andy Shaw
Freddie Edwards
Nick Hornby
Henry Woods
Stuart Miller

Albert Morson Cup Cowes Week: IRC 2 Zephyr Steve Cowie and Ian Marshall
Alfred Gollin Challenge Cup Cowes Keelboat Championship (Dragon) Furious Owen Pay
Allan Messer Challenge Cup   Cowes Week: Sonar Bertie Alistair Barter
Belvidere Challenge Cup Invitational Schools Alumni Match Racing   Alastair Hall
Beverley Cooper Cup Best RTYC score in RORC races Stamina III Michel Péretié
Brixham Ladies Cup First University team in Carmela Cup Plymouth University Jack Fenwick and Dan Wray
Campion Lauder Trophy Cowes Week: Sigma 33 Shadowfax David Rolfe
Carmela Cup National Championship Two Boat Keelboat Team Racing RTYC Sam Littlejohn and Tom Hebbert
Challenge Cup presented by Charles Ball  Cowes Week: Solent Sunbeam Firefly Stewart Reed
Charles Ball Challenge Cup Morgan Cup Race: IRC 3 Dream Pearls Arnaud Delamare and Eric Mordret
Colin Campbell Challenge Cup Morgan Cup Race: BCT Two-Handed Class Pincer Movement Richard Searle
Journalle Yacht Cup Cowes Week: Cruiser Division B Headstrong Graham Broomfield
Cory Challenge Cup Cowes Keelboat Series: Daring Destroyer Magnus Wheatley
CUCrC President's Cup President's Cup Exeter University Tom Mallindine
Cumberland Cup 1776 Cumberland Regatta: Sunday Race Touche IV Tony and Marilyn Crawford
Docker Cup                                                 Outstanding Contribution to Yachting   Stuart Quarrie
Duncan Mitchell Cup Cowes Week: J/80 Boysterous Alastair Hall
Emmet Cup Burnham Week Best Perfomance in Bank Holiday Offshore Regatta Amazon Tony and Chuffy Merewether
Emperor of Russia Rosebowl EAORA Trophy: IRC 3 Cosmic Dancer III Russell Walker
Festival of Britain Challenge Cup Spring Excuse Navigational Exercise Whisper Peter Bainbridge
Gertrude Cup RTYC Etchells Invitational Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Mark Thornburrow
Glazebrook Challenge Cup Cowes Week: IRC 1 Antilope Willem Wester
Harold Edwards Challenge Cup Cowes Week: RS Elite Aeolus Jono Brown
Harold Edwards Challenge Cup  Cowes Week: Seaview Mermaid Miranda Anthony Eaton
Holt Challenge Cup Cowes Week: Flying 15 Men Behaving Badly Rupert and John Mander
John Allenby Bowl Cowes Week: Best RTYC performance overall in the Week Yes! Adam Gosling
John Burt Challenge Cup Cowes Week: IRC 4 Zarafa Peter Scholfield
Junior Cup Cowes Week: Victory Zinnia John Scammell
King George V's European International Yacht Race Cup EAORA Trophy: IRC 1 Osytercatcher XXX Richard Matthews
King of Spain’s Cup/Coup Challenge Vase Cowes Week: IRC 3 Salvo Peter Morton
Knightsbridge Cup Morgan Cup Race:  IRC 1 Cracklin Rosie Steven Anderson
Lord Queenborough Cumberland Cup EAORA Trophy:  IRC 2 Amazon Tony and Chuffy Merewether
Michael Brady Challenge Cup Cowes Week: Squib Helmut Shoing II Nigel and Jack Grogan
Minima Bowl Cowes Week: Contessa 32 Blanco Ray Rouse
Model of man of war Yacht of the Year Yes! Adam Gosling
Morgan Cup Morgan Cup Race: BCT IRC Tonnerre 4 Pieter Vroon
Muir Cup Cowes Week: Sigma 38 Persephone Tim Goodhew
Mum’s Bucket Mum's Bucket J/80 random pairs team racing   Henry Arnold
Neal Challenge Cup Cowes Week: IRC 7 Google-Eye Pat Stables and Nigel Hunter
Neal Junior Challenge Cup Sailor of the Year   Ben Field
Newport Citizens' Cup Cowes Week: Cruiser Division A Panther James Stableford
Prince of Wales Cup Cowes Week: Sportsboat Ovington Boats Nathan Batchelor
Quarter-Ton Trophy Cowes Week: Quarter Ton Class Blackfun Tony Hayward
Queen Victoria Cup Cumberland Regatta: Saturday Race 1 Polar Bear III John Westlake
Queenborough Cup Morgan Cup Race: IRC 2 Anticipation Peter Newlands/Charles Linard
Queen's Cup BCT RTYC yacht in the Cowes Dinard St Malo Race Philosphie IV Nicolas Gaumont-Prat
Robert Williams Salver Cowes Week: IRC 6 Whooper Giovanni Belgrano
Royal Danish Yacht Club Dish Cowes Week: J/109s Sardonyx IX William Edwards
RTYC Bicentenary Trophy  BCT RTYC Yacht in the Morgan Cup Race Philosphie IV Nicolas Gaumont-Prat
RTYC Offshore Challenge Cup Cumberland Regatta: Saturday Race 2 Tinkerbell Caroline Robertson/Roderick Walker
RTYC XOD Challenge Cup Cowes Week: XOD  Lizz Whizz Dick Batt
Saida Cup Etchells Southern Area Championship Strait Dealer Bleddyn Mon and Graham Sunderland
Sandbach Cup  1st RTYC yacht in the Sigma 33 Nationals Workout Jeff Worboys
Solent Trophy Cowes Week: Dragon Aimee Graham Bailey
1906 Heligoland Trophy Cowes Week: IRC 0 Tonnerre 4 Pieter Vroon
Southampton Corinthian Yacht Club Cup Cowes Week: Etchells Exabyte V Shaun Frohlich and Emily Frohlich
Spirit Cup First RTYC Boat Home in Rolex Fastnet Race Leopard 3 Mike Slade
Terrell Tray Cowes Week: SB20 Uber Adrian Peach
Tom Thornycroft Challenge Cup Cowes Week: Daring Dauntless Giles Peckham
Tom Thornycroft Challenge Cup Cowes Week: Redwing Quail Ed Peel
Tom Thornycroft Challenge Cup Cowes Week: Swallow Migrant Charles Fisher and Richard Thompson
Victory Trophy Cowes Week: IRC 5 Winsome Harry Heijst
Warsash Cup Morgan Cup Race: IRC 4 Foggy Dew Noel Racine
Yacht Club de Belgique Trophy Best RTYC Boat in the Etchells Nationals Hancock William McNeill
Ascot Plate Cowes Week: Sunsail F40 Deloitte Black James Yearsley