Belvidere Cup Report


The Royal Thames Yacht Club ran the Belvidere Cup on Saturday 14th November at Queen Mary Sailing Club at Ashford Middlesex, a Match racing regatta in J/80s provided by the RTYC.

There were four teams participating; Old Abingdonians, Old Radleians, Old Wellingtonians and a Royal Thames Academy team consisting of three girls and a token fellas. The regatta consisted of two round robins followed by a final and petit final.

At the end of the round robin stage the RTYC Academy had 6 wins, Abingdon 3, Radley 2 and Wellington 1. The final was fought out between Abingdon and the RTYC Academy with the latter who were so far unbeaten as favourites. Abingdon won the first match by a whisker, the second match was won by the academy easily.

Everything rested on the last match's result. The Academy was leading passed the last rounding of the windward mark, but Abingdon's crew had a more than 50% weight advantage over the girls who were disadvantaged by the strong gusts. In the end Abingdon passed the Academy boat winning by a few seconds the match and the trophy.

The conditions were contrary to forecast the wind was SSW varying between 6-10 knots during the round robin stage. The wind during the finals backed as the stronger breezes came in with gusts of 20 knots plus.

Congratulations to Ben Clothier and his crew.

The 2016 Belvidere Cup will held on 2/3 April at Queen Mary Sailing Club. Enquiries to Royal Thames Yacht Club.

Alexis Dogilewski