Invitational Cup Campaign Report


We have just returned from a very successful 10 day training trip to Newport Rhode Island. We competed in 2 regattas and trained for 3 days between regattas. We were coached by Alan McGlashan an ex America’s Cup professional sailor with a great deal of experience of racing Swan 42s.

Helm – John Greenland
Tactician – Ian Dobson
Main – Andy Shaw
Jib Trimmer & Boat Captain – Stuart Miller
Spinnaker Trimmer & Coach – Alan McGlashan
Trim Support – William Edwards
Pit – Nick Hornby
Navigator & Crew Support – Katie Greenland
Mast – Freddie Edwards
Mid Bow – Henry Woods
Bow – Sammie Evans
Spinnaker Trimmer for the IC & RYS Bicentennial Regatta – James Grant
NEWPORT SAIL REGATTA – 11th & 12th July
 8 out of 11 of the crew competed in Newport Sail Regatta which consisted of 5 races over 2 days.  The other 3 places were made up of our coach, an  American amateur bowman and one of our RTYC supporters. Our results in an 8 boat fleet were :-
1,1,2,7,1 = 12 points and 3 bullets. 2nd - NYYC (17 points), 3rd - Royal Canadian YC (18 points), 4th Seattle YC (18 points),  5th  - (31 points).  It was a convincing win.

CREW TRAINING – 14th & 15th July Our coach focussed on starts, downwind boat speeds and spinnaker work by Wednesday night we were drilled and 10 out of 11 of the team were assembled.
An 8 race regatta over 4 days covering most wind strengths. There were no discards.
Day 1: We won the first race and were winning the second when the wind died completely just before we got to the finish and we drifted past the line on the tide beating back in hardly any wind we finished 10th – DFL which was excruciatingly painful after we had sailed an excellent race. Character building would be the positive spin!
Day 2: 3 races sailed - we finished 3rd, 3rd and 4th & this type of solid consistency would win us the Invitational Cup.
Day 3: 3 races sailed - we finished 6th in the first race and in the second race, 2nd , in a very tight finish with the eventual National Champions which was so close that the race committee admitted they were unsure who had won, we will call that a demi-bullet! We came 5th in the final race.
Day 4: After a 5 hour delay due to dense New England fog the crew showed their concentration and led the final race from start to finish to win by a substantial margin.
We finished with a total of 35 points and came 3rd overall,
Seattle YC finished 2nd  - 30 points
NYYC/Eastern YC/Larchmont YC (an amalgamated team) 1st –  21points
Our coach, Alan McGlashan, was excellent as was Stuart Miller our boat captain and they  really put us through our paces, the crew work is slick and fast and focussed and there is little improvement left to make. JG helmed in his normal calm, considered and focussed way he is a brilliant helmsman and it is fantastic to have him at the wheel.
Alan McGlashan, our coach, will be with us for the IC watching us closely from a rib and briefing and de-briefing us at the beginning and end of every day.
We will continue our training next week when 8 of us will compete in the RYS Bicentennial level rating event, in this regatta Katie Greenland will helm. The other  7 of us will be in our normal positions.
Other teams competing are :-
New York Yacht Club
Real Club Nautico of Gran Canaria
Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
Royal Ocean Racing Club
Royal Solent Yacht Club
Royal Thames Yacht Club
Royal Varuna Yacht Club
Royal Yacht Squadron
St Francis Yacht Club
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
We will update you on how the team performs at the RYS Bicentenary.

William Edwards, Team Manager