RTYC Charitable Trust Backgammon Evening 18th February 2015


On 18th February the first Club Backgammon competition for many a year (and probably longer than that) was held at 60 Knightsbridge and all in aid of the Club’s own charity.
Twenty four intrepid Backgammon players came to the Club to enjoy an evening’s Backgammon, which included a supporting the charity with a donation. Soup and sandwiches were consumed whilst play continued. A number of members kindly brought their own backgammon boards along to be used. Some were royal in appearance; others had pieces missing.
Three rounds were played, round one being a round robin with groups of players playing each other to arrive at Group Winners. The clack of backgammon pieces ringing throughout the Club imparted an oriental atmosphere from which the four Group Winners went on to play in the semi-final.
Up until now the dreaded doubling dice had not been used, but to add a bit of spark of gamble and to get the finalists’ hearts going a little quicker, it appeared on the table and was put to good use. The first to five points, and winner of the evening, was Penny Hunt, narrowly beating David Lees. They played the final on the Club’s very own backgammon table which usually lives outside the Quarterdeck Bar.
It really is Penny Hunt’s month. Last week she headed the evening in the monthly RTYC Bridge evening.
Including donations the evening made a splendid £540 for the Charitable Trust – sufficient funds to send to sea one of the underprivileged youngsters whose lives are enhanced by the Trust.
George Ehlers