Rule Britannia! - The NYYC IC Celebration


The evening of Thursday 26th November saw the RTYC 2015 New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup winning team celebrate in a most appropriate fashion; with a live band, champagne flowing, George producing his ever marvellous medicine, and of course - William Edwards dressed up as Boris Johnson… It was the perfect culmination of years of hard work from William, John Greenland and the rest of the team.

It took no fewer than two months for William to wrestle the trophy off the New York Yacht Club, on to a Trans-Atlantic flight, through customs, and safely in to its home for the next two years. This rather unique trophy required an electrician and a carpenter in order to display and illuminate it in all its glory, and can now be found in the RTYC entrance hall.

The New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup

Whilst the evening went by in a haze of laughter, celebration, music and champagne, Richard Ambler, standing at the lofty height of 6ft5in was on hand to capture some of the more interesting outfits, and important parts of the evening.

A full report with photographs from the evening’s celebration can be found here.

Watch the regatta highlights video here.

Watch William's acceptance speech here.