Southern Nichols - Team Racing; Call to Arms 14th-15th March 2015


The RTYC needs you and it’s time to do your duty, we need to take New Orleans. We tried and failed on the 15th Jan 1815 and this is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans.

To right the wrong we are planning to send a Masters team to New Orleans, we are up against a formidable foe as the Southern Yacht Club have some help from;  New York Yacht Club, Newport Harbour Yacht Club, Boston Yacht Club, Riverside Yacht Club, Indian Harbour Yacht Club, St Francis Yacht Club, Seawanhaka Yacht Club, Texas Corinthian Yacht Club, Bay Waveland Yacht Club, Buccaneer Yacht Club but we can rise to the challenge!!
The format is; 2 or 3 per boat (Drivers 45 and older  and crew 40 and older ) team race event in the 12 identical SYC Flying Scots. Weight minimum 350Lbs per boat, no spinnakers. So sign up today and represent your club in it’s hour of need - click here to register.
A note from our R/C Sailing if you are undecided. “Southern Yacht Club is the most hospitable club in the USA. We're put up in their homes and treated as family and these guys know how to have serious fun!
As for the sailing, the team racing is on a big lake in front of their smart new YC and is very competitive. New Orleans is an awesome place - great bars, music and restaurants, in summary, the best masters inter-club event we've been to!”
Nigel Baker