Wine Tasting ' The Rugby World Cup' 21st September


Many Members will recall a surprising winner of our 2011 Rugby World Cup Wine Tasting – a white wine from Wales!
It went down so well that Victoria Aldwinckle  is coming back to run the 2015 Rugby Wold Cup Wine Tasting on Monday 21st September.  Victoria has chosen eight wines from wine producing Rugby nations for you to try. They will be tasted completely blind, and no-one except Victoria knows what she has chosen. Will she pit a gutsy front row wine from Samoa against a dashing All-Black Pinot, or a racy Italian fizz against some French finesse? Will England make the cut, and will Wales play a red as well as they did last time in white? Anything can happen when you taste blind. You will decide the winner and you may be surprised.
We’ll taste the wines blind, in pairs. We’ll have fun trying to guess each wine, or grape variety or country of origin before voting for our favourite wine of that pairing. The loser is revealed, and the winner goes forward to the next knock out round until we have the Champion, our World Cup Winner.
Victoria Aldwinckle is now an independent wine consultant, former winemaker in the USA and now freelancing for Hush Heath Winery in Kent. Tickets are £18 per person. The evening starts at 6.45pm.  We look forward to a good match!

Date: Monday 21st September 2015
Time: 6.45pm
Tickets: £18

For more information or to book please contact Lucia in the Secretariat at or on 020 7201 6267.

The Coffee Room will be open for dinner afterwards, to book your table please contact Reservations at or on 020 7235 2121.