Mum's Bucket Round 2


With the temperature nudging freezing, eight teams participated in a rather chilly second round of the annual Mum’s Bucket random pairs team racing event, the top four finishers of which earn themselves a place in the Final on 17th April.

High winds were forecast, so PRO Jenny Woods instructed all crews to rig the boats with one reef. With a diminished sail area, all the boats managed to stay well under control, and good quality team racing was demonstrated by all involved.

The Race Management Team ran 14 races back to back, meaning that crews were kept on their toes all day, with little time to feel the cold, and the Race Officials and Umpires were kept stocked up with hot chocolate.
Each race was a closely fought battle, with a new course in place this season including a downwind finish, the races weren’t over until the bitter end, and position changes happening within the final boat length of the line.

Richard Hill won the event with a convincing total of six race wins out of seven, followed by Dave Miller, Sarah Allan, Gregor Logan, Peter Schroeder and Jamie Foot all tied on 4 wins each. The Race Committee managed to break the tie on head to head wins between the teams, meaning that Dave Miller took second place and Jamie Foot took 6th. After that there was a three way tie, for 3rd and 4th place, in an event where the top four teams qualify, it was essential that the tie be broken, after lengthy consultation with the rule book, the three teams in question had to draw straws. Sarah and Gregor drew the long straws, putting Peter in fifth place. Final results are listed below.

Huge thanks go to everyone who was involved on the day, including; Race Officials, sailors and the umpire team which was headed up by David Lees.
              Scores: 1 point if in winning team; 0 points if in losing team
Dave Miller
Sarah Allan
Jamie Foot
Anthony Hinton
Gregor Logan
Richard Hill
Peter Schroeder
Bernard Kinchin
Race 1 B A -V- G D   1 1   0     0  
Race 2 E H -V- C F       1   0 1   0
Race 3 C H -V- G B     1 0       1 0
Race 4 D A -V- E F   0     0 1 1    
Race 5 C G -V- F D       1 0   0 1  
Race 6 E A -V- H B   1 0     1     0
Race 7 G A -V- E C   0   1   1   0  
Race 8 F H -V- B D     0   0   1   1
Race 9 D C -V- B E     1 0 0 1      
Race 10 F G -V- H A   0         1 1 0
Race 11 C A -V- D H   1   1 0       0
Race 12 E G -V- F B     1     0 1 0  
Race 13 F A -V- B C   1 0 0     1    
Race 14 G H -V- E D         0 0   1 1
Total             4 4 4 0 4 6 4 2

1st Richard Hill
2nd Dave Miller
Joint 3rd Sarah Allan and Gregor Logan
5th Peter Schroeder
6th Jamie Foot
7th Bernard Kinchin
8th Anthony Hinton