RTYC Members Awarded 1st and 2nd in Class at Superyacht Regatta


The 2016 Superyacht Challenge Antigua took place on the 29th – 31st January and attracted eleven entries for the three days of competitive racing under ORC along the stunning south coast of Antigua. Two RTYC Members battled for first place in the Buccaneers Class, with the class win resting on the result of the final race.

New Member Andrew Colin was racing the 128ft sloop, Tenaz, in the first regatta that the Dubois designed and Pendennis built Superyacht has competed in, against Member John McMonigall’s Oyster 82, Zig Zag, also racing for the first time in this regatta.

Tenaz and Zig Zag dominated the five strong class over the four races taking all of the 1st and 2nd places between them. In the end Tenaz won the final race to take the class win with five points to Zig Zag’s seven.

Both owners were delighted with the performance of the boats and crew.

“I have a 100% record in regattas,” joked Andrew Colin, owner of Tenaz. “This has been a fantastic experience and not just because of the result but more the whole process because we have a crew that have shared with us and made racing available to us all. We have been racing to win but we have focused on having a great time and I hope that this regatta carries on in that manner. I understand the addiction to winning amongst competitive people, but this style of regatta is tremendously enjoyable and a lot of fun.”

Owner/Helmsman of Zig Zag, John McMonigall, added: “What is really pleasing is that we are sailing the boat well and that is being rewarded in the rating system being used. We are getting off the line with good speed and the upwind team and the downwind team are driving and trimming the boat extremely well. The Regatta has been terrific fun and I am not sure which prize gave me more pleasure; the award for second place or the award for the most outrageous Caribbean T-Shirt awarded to Richard Bundy and me!”

Photographs and results can be seen on the event website: