RTYC at YCCS Invitational Team Racing Regatta


This is the biennial YCCS Invitational Team Racing Event sailed in J/70s over the weekend 16th to 19th June. For those of you not familiar with the YCCS it is a case of spending 4 days in paradise.

The teams competing were (in order of success) Newport Harbour YC (USA);
Eastern YC  (USA)
New York YC (USA
YC Costa Smeralda (Italy)
Gamla Stans YC (Sweden)
Sadly it proved to be a US benefit event, with RTYC and the hosts being separated by half a point. The European sub event was closely fought.
RTYC were represented by; Ian Handley, David Vines, Genie Webb, Jon Redding, Chris Williams, Jo Redding.

Thursday’s racing started in a light force 2 making for some testing conditions especially down wind where Rule 17 was switched off. As the second round robin was about to get under way so a Mistral arrived and very sensibly the organisers headed for home and the bar and a splendid dinner in the magnificent surrounds of the YCCS.
Friday was the most perfect team racing day. A steady force 3 allowed two full round robins to be completed.

Saturday looked to be a repeat of Friday but as the morning progressed so the wind built to the top end of force 5. One of your members when asked about the morning’s racing was heard to reply to one of the hosts “I’m just glad to get the boat back with no damage!”

Our Vice Commodore was one of the on the water judges, but he still managed to take time off to enjoy a cocktail or two and a joke with the club’s skippers at the Phi Beach on Friday evening.
The event will next be held in 2018. Members interested in spending a weekend in the most wonderful sailing venue imaginable should get their names on the list and flights booked without delay.