Talk at 60 Knightsbridge - The Loss of the TITANIC: A Fresh Look at the Evidence by Rear Admiral John Lang, DL


Date: Tuesday 18th October 2016
Time: 6.45pm
Tickets: £10 - including a glass of wine on arrival.
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The sinking of the white star liner Titanitc after she hit an iceberg in the middle of the night while on her maiden voyage across the North Atalantic in April 1912 is probably the best known maritime story of all time.

John Langm however, is a formwr Chief Inspector of Marine Accidents and whilst in post, he spent some time reading the transcripts of the eveidence given in the original British Board of Trade Inquiry. Curiosity led him to wonder if the conclusions drawn in 1912 would still hold good if that same evdidence was looked at again using the techniques and practices of a 21st century investigator.

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