The Belvidere Challenge Cup


On 1st April 7 ex public school teams gathered at Queen Mary reservoir for the annual match racing event held by the Royal Thames Yacht Club in the fleet of J/80s.

The competitors varied from the highly experienced match racers such as Winchester, Abingdon and Uppingham to those that had not match raced before but were keen to learn new skills.

The RTYC race officer team led by Alexis Dogilewski and the umpire team led by the Vice Commodore Bernard Kinchin ran 3 flights with one team able to standout on each flight to enjoy the fine weather and learn from the other teams manoeuvres.

Owing to some teams making starting errors the umpires were kept busy with not only one but often two penalty flags flying in the pre start.  In one case a team failed to take their penalty immediately after the start and so were black flagged resulting in them forfeiting the race.  Ed Fryer, one of the visiting umpires, thanked them at the dinner for allowing him to use the black flag for the first time!  If it is any consolation to them Ian Williams, 6 times world match racing champion, made exactly the same error last week and still went on to win the Congressional Cup!

After a full round robin of 21 races Abingdon emerged victorious over Winchester resulting in both teams going through to the final.   Uppingham and RTYC Academy qualified for the petit final with the Old Wellingtonians and Charterhouse making up the final qualifying pair.

In both the petit final and the 3rd pair the respective pairs were won in a straight 2-0 by both Uppingham and the Old Wellingtonians.  However the battle between Winchester and Abingdon went all the way to the third race with Winchester finally emerging victorious with a 2-1 score complementing their win at last year’s event.

Overall results:
1st Winchester - Helmed by Ali Hall, RTYC member
2nd Abingdon - Helmed by Nicholas Wilkinson, RTYC member
3rd Uppingham - Helmed by Henry Arnold, RTYC member
4th RTYC Academy - Helmed by Arthur Henderson, RTYC member
5th Old Wellingtonians - Helmed by Jessica Berney
6th Charterhouse - Helmed by Richard Hawkes
7th Radley - Helmed by Jules Facer

Special thanks goes to the Race Committee: Alexis Dogilewski, Linda Pennington, Jenny Woods, Doug Harckham. The Mark Layers: Gwynne Lawrence and Peter Innes-Ker and the Umpires: Bernard Kinchin, Chris Simon, Ed Fryer, Penny Carter and Mike Halstead.

CSO 4.4.17