Mum's Bucket Final


8 teams, who qualified for the finals of the Royal Thames two boat random pairs team racing cup aka the Mum’s Bucket, assembled at Queen Mary Sailing Club on a surprisingly warm winters day (the warmest of the year).

Racing started promptly just after 10 am in a breeze oscillating between 10 and 16 knots and despite one J/80 needing a hour out to effect a repair most competitors got to race in 12 races.  The random pairs format means that one’s partner becomes one’s foe in the next race which encourages friendly rivalry and the racing was fast and furious with many races being decided in the last few seconds of the race.

Eventually Henry Arnold with his crew of Ed Bayliss and Nick Cooney triumphedover Jon Redding and his team of Sandy Findley and Ian Handley winning 9 races out of 12 vs 8 out of 12 for Jon.  Simon Kitchen was third with 7 race wins and Tom Quigley, William Edwards and Richard Hill tied with 5 race wins out of 12.  Mike Probert and Sarah Allan (who was given average points for the races she missed due to a furler failure on her boat) completed the line up.

The Mum’s Bucket is one of the best team racing events for RTYC members to get involved in because the better team racers have to assist the less experienced members in order to win the race so both parties gain learning from each race.  There are two qualifying rounds (round 1 is scheduled for 3rd November) and members can enter both qualifying rounds if they wish.  The Sailing office are able to place individual members as crews with experienced skippers so this is really an event for all members who want to start, or improve, their team racing and crewing skills.

An extremely experienced umpire team led by Bruce Hebbert including our own Vice Commodore, George Ehlers was kept busy all day with countless on the water  protests and the Race Officer, Linda Pennington, and her team on the committee boat were starting and finishing races all day with great speed.
 CSO 12.3.2018

List of teams
Henry Arnold, Ed Bayliss and Nick Cooney
Jon Redding, Sandy Findley and Ian Handley
Simon Kitchen, Verity Hopkins and Will Semken
Tom Quigley, Ian Cook and Andrew Jobling
William Edwards, Henry Woods, Freddie Edwards and Jack Haig
Richard Hill, Claudia Hill, Dan O’Connor and Joss Herjean
Mike Probert, Angus Prentice and Steve Walter
Sarah Allan, Gavin Stanley and James Cunnison