RTYC - Charitable Trust Update


Our Charity, which supports disadvantaged, displaced and socially excluded youngsters nationwide to take part in sea going adventures, appears set for a record year in 2018 as over 60 teenagers have benefited from a RTYC bursary so far.  With many more months to go in our season, and many more coastal, offshore and deep sea voyages in the pipeline, it’s expected we will exceed last year’s total of 84. With the average cost of a bursary now at £300 it’s certain our funds will be under pressure again soon.

With grants going to youngsters, many of them young carers, that would otherwise not be in a position to take part in these activities, our Charity is now recognised by many, including our Admiral, as a respected supporter of those less fortunate and a welcome contributor to the many volunteer maritime organisations that take these youngsters to sea.

This successful and rewarding work carried out by our Club’s Charitable Trust would not be possible without Members continued generosity and is much appreciated by Trustees, Flag Officers and all those involved.