The Club runs a cruising programme that is notable for the quality and variety of its events. All members are cordially invited to participate, whether as yacht owners or as crew.

We are privileged to have many members with lovely yachts, not just in the Solent but also in some of the best sailing areas of the world. Our objective is to enable as many of us as possible to enjoy sailing together, sometimes in familiar waters but often in special places that one would never have managed on one's own.

As always with the Royal Thames, we try to conduct ourselves in style, calling on locally-based members or our reciprocal clubs wherever possible to provide that special something to make the event truly memorable.

Organising a successful rally in some distant corner of the globe can be a lengthy process, so your cruising committee is working up a strategy based on a five-year rolling plan. As well as enabling members to plan their own movements to fit in with key events, we hope this will ensure that we do not get stuck in a rut and overlook new opportunities.

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