RTYC Racing Calendar

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President's Cup

4 Mar

J/80 NoR   A     Entry Form   Sailing Agreement         SI             Jamie Foot
Mum's Bucket  12 Mar J/80 NoR     Entry Form   Sailing Agreement         SI              Murray Chapples
Racers Dinner 8 Mar 60k       Entry Form                           Angus Prentice
Younger Members Day 25 Mar J/80       Entry Form   Sailing Agreement                       Jamie Foot
Belvidere Cup 1 Apr J/80 NoR   A      Entry Form   Sailing Agreement         SI             Alexis Dogilewski
Club Fleet Racing 2 Apr J/80       Entry Form   Sailing Agreement                       Angus Prentice
Warsash Spring Championships 8/9 April J/70       Charter J/70                            
Warsash Spring Championships 22/23 April J/70       Charter J/70                            
Saida Cup 13/14 May Etchell NoR   A                                  David Franks
Aspirin Trophy 20 May Burnham       Entry Form                           Tom Montgomery
Southern Area Championships 20/21 May J/70 NoR     Entry Form   Sailing Agreement                       Richard Ambler
J/70 European Championships 3/9 June J/70       Charter J/70                            
Prince Philip Cup, SVYC 10 June Mermaid NoR     Entry Form                           William Edwards
J/70 UK National Chamionships 7/9 July J/70       Charter J/70                            
Gertrude Cup 22/26 July Etchell NoR                                 David Franks
Cowes Week 29 July /5 August         Charter J/70                            
British Keelboat League Final 22-24 Sep J/70                                   Angus Prentice
Cornerstone Cup 28/30 Sep J/80                                   Mike Halstead
RTYC and RYS 30 Sep / 1 Oct J/70                                    
Sigada Cup 14 Oct J/80                                    
Millennium Bowl, RN&CYC 14/15 Oct Sonar       Entry Form                           Angus Prentice
RTYC Invitational Cup 15 Oct J/80                                    
Masters Team Racing Cup 28 Oct J/80                                    
Prizewinners' Dinner 7 Nov 60k                                   Richard Ambler
Mum's Bucket 4 Nov J/80                                    

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