Hamble Moorings

The Hamble moorings are located near the entrance to the River Hamble and provide economical and private permanent berths for members. They are administered by the Honorary  Mooring Officer Peter Tracey (email: peter@2traceys.co.uk or tel: 01264 738285). Members interested in obtaining moorings should contact either  the  Moorings officer or the  Sailing Administrator at the Club.
The Club owns 116 metres of pontoon, held under licence from the Crown Estates and supervised by the Hamble Harbour Master. The berths are leased to members on an annual basis as permanent berths for their yachts. The Club has no casual or visitor moorings on the Hamble, although one or more of the permanently-held berths may be temporarily free if the member is away for any length of time. It is a condition of holding a Club Hamble mooring or berth that the Moorings Officer be informed of an absence of more than 14 days, expressly to permit the temporary use of the berth by other members.
Unlike other Clubs on the Hamble, the RTYC berths are not allocated by annual ballot, with the risk of a successful member being bounced from his berth after just one year. Rather, a berth once allocated is held on an annually renewable agreement that will be renewed automatically provided the original conditions of allocation remain unaltered. In other words, provided you remain a member and pay the fees on time, you keep your berth for as long as you want it. If you change your yacht for a larger or smaller one, we will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee it. The letting year runs from April 1st to March 31st the following year.

The Club's berths are all in the southern, reaches of the River Hamble, between Warsash and Hamble Point.
The pontoon run is between piles B11 and B16 on the Hamble Point side of the main fairway, upstream of the long run of the Visitors' pontoon. The RTYC section of this pontoon run is the southern end; in the middle of the run are the berths of the Household Division YC and at the northern end are the berths of most of the local fishing boats. In addition the Club holds 28 metres of berths on both sides of the North end of the HM's visitors pontoons.
The moorings do not have water or electricity or walk on shore access. There is an efficient water taxi operating from Warsash. Mooring holders have free use of the Club's private parking and dinghy storing facility at Warsash.
Towards the end of the year, existing berth holders are contacted to ask if their berth will be required the following year. If there are going to be spaces available, members who are already on the waiting list will be contacted and berths will be more widely advertised within the Club, on the Notice Boards and on the website.
The booking process begins early because most commercial marinas require berth holders to make bookings in January. Members hoping to get a Club mooring therefore need to know by January whether or not they have been successful.
During January, members will be sent a contract for the year which should be signed and returned to the Sailing Administrator at the Club. Members will then be invoiced for the year.

If a berth or mooring holder changes to a different size of yacht, every effort is made to accommodate the new yacht - but it is not guaranteed..
Please see here current Mooring rates.

The rules covering occupation of the Club's mooring and berths are contained in the Yachting Byelaws, in particular Byelaw Y15, which are obtainable from the Club.


Other Moorings


A Royal Thames member has recently opened a new marina near Bodrum Peninsula, called Port Lasos Marina. He would be pleased to offer Royal Thames members a 15% discount for mooring and berth requirements. For more information about the marina, please click here.