2021 RTYC Racing Calendar

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11 President's Cup QMSC
12 Mum's Bucket Final QMSC
17 The Lockdown Lift! QMSC
18 Hot Rum #3 QMSC
17-18 Etchells Bedrock Regatta Cowes
24 Belvidere Cup QMSC
8-9 Carmela Cup QMSC
15-16 CCCA Cowes Solent Series Cowes
22-23 J70 Southern Area Championship Cowes
22-23 CCCA Cowes Solent Series Cowes
4-6 RTYC All Members' J70 Summer Regatta Cowes
5-6 Etchells Southern Area Championship Cowes
12-13 RTYC U30 Members Regatta - J70 Cowes
10-11 Etchells Saida Cup Cowes
17-18 RTYC YM Weekend - J70 Cowes
20-22 RTYC Annual Invitational Regatta Cowes
20-22 CCCA Cowes Solent Series Cowes
2-5 Academy Invitational Cup Cowes
18-19 RTYC Women's One Design Championship Cowes
24-26 British Keelboat League -Final QMSC
25-26 RTYC All Members' J70 Autumn Regatta Cowes
30 RTYC Racers' Dinner  
16 Mum's Bucket Q1 QMSC
17 Hot Rum Q1 QMSC
23 Mum's Bucket Q2 QMSC
24 Hot Rum Q2 QMSC
6 Mum's Bucket Final QMSC
7 Hot Rum Final QMSC
11 Prize Winners' Dinner 60 Knightsbridge
13 Master Driver 2K Team Race QMSC
14 Autumn Sunday Series #1 QMSC
20 J80 Clinigatta QMSC
21 Autumn Sunday Series #2 QMSC
4 Reindeer Regatta QMSC